The Fine Print

Yesterday I became the proud owner of this historical piece of work!  I become obsessed with ebay because you have to keep looking DAILY, even HOURLY, so you don’t miss stuff like this!!!!! I have never wanted to wear something so bad.  This is what dreams are made of (or pillowcases).


5 thoughts on “The Fine Print

  1. that dress is so fun! Don’t know if you ever go onto but I ran across this seller BibianBlue. Corsets galore! Enough Fabulousness to make you drool! Thought I’d share. Peace!

  2. wow those corsets are amazing. and i thought the seller louiseblack ‘s stuff is rad. this is even better!

  3. I just found your site by coincidence, through LA Weekly’s Style Council section,
    and, obviously, i lost.
    : (
    lol, but I hope you enjoy your lucky buy.

  4. Like Jennifer I just found your site by coincidence and LOVE IT!

    I have found someone who appreciate crap (it is of course meant in the nicest way!) and weird, unique things as much as I do! I am going to attempt to make a nerd lamp too I think 🙂

    All the blogs (atleast here in Scandinavia) look the same – studs, leather and sharp shoulders – so it’s nice to see someone who dares to be different and stand out.

    Applause from Mette Silke, Denmark

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