Aging. ew.

These are images from Vogue Paris Nov 2008 issue.  Same girl with the magic of hair and makeup covering the span of 50 years in one shoot. The 30 year old is all oily and coked out. NOT looking forward to that. I made the 40, 50, 60 pictures small cuz they scare me.




4 thoughts on “Aging. ew.

  1. I’m so sorry, but as an elder goth faerie chick at 43 years-old, I look pretty damn good for my age! And I look forward to getting older, better and even more outrageous than I am now!!!

    Age is a NUMBER and not a state of mind. Aging brings acceptance and happiness of the person you are inside. The women I admire most are older and I find them to be beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. They know their own minds and do their own thing–i.e. Betsey Johnson, Tina Turner, the late and much lamented Eartha Kitt (RIP).

    I met a wonderful woman at PMX and Roccoco Rendesvous named Betty who was 52 years old. When I first met her at PMX, she was totally decked out in sweet lolita. That was SO cool. At RR she was dressed to the nines in powder blue roccoco. Women like her are such an inspiration to me.

  2. This post speaks to “looking damn good for your age” and not the maturation of your mind and soul. Working for a skincare company, I am very well aware of the age-old pursuit to “reverse aging” and “reduce wrinkles”. I am writing as a girl who is approaching her 30s and had just realized i can’t just sit out in the sun and let my face bake like I did in my 20s anymore without loading on the SPF70. I apologize if this post has offended you in any way.

  3. No, I wasn’t offended, but I do want women to stop thinking of 30 as being “old”. That’s so yesterday!

    No, I don’t have wrinkles yet, but I’ve discovered a few grey hairs and they’re cool. I’ve earned the right to every single one of them because of all the awesome things I’ve seen, done and been a part of.

    I guess I look at aging a lot different than most women. I don’t fear it and I just use common sense when it comes to taking care of my skin. But I’m certainly not going to inject poisons into my face just to stem what comes naturally.

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