Soup Kitchen Fridays at the Edison Downtown

The Soup Kitchen is all rather bureaucratic.  You have to get this postcard which you then hand over to a reluctant bartender who offers you the choice of either a Bourbon Bailout or gin-based 401K served half empty (grrrr)… yes, only ONE 35cent drink.  The tiny triangular grilled cheese sandwiches and the tomato soup served in doll-sized teacups are even harder to attain.  There is a little treasure chest full of coins so we emptied out our quarters and proceeded to indulge but the server got all grumpy and told us we had to go upstairs for the special nickels and banished us from the dainty delights as he tried to pick out all our modern additions from his coin pile HAHAH. sucker. It was supposed to be MAD MEN night but my Sheila (Paul Kinsey’s girlfriend) inspired look isn’t ready yet…. many MAD MEN nights to come… for now, enjoy Jamie and Moses’ to the tee MAD MEN looks:




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