Christmas Sweater parties sure are popular…

(Ugly) Christmas sweater parties are an emerging trend.  There were at least 4 this weekend… Derrick was in town from NYC so we went and checked out the Christmas Sweater Festival at the Echoplex on Saturday.  To me, a Christmas sweater is bright and festive but most people at the event just wore the kind that resembles an overused rug… not like we were exactly by the book either but we were definitely festive.  Clearly, if there were a Christmas headgear contest we would have won. Oliver’s sweater was pretty dope he wins the sweater prize amongst friends.  So many fun pictures that night it’s hard to pick favorites. The baconated hot dog man one is a winner me thinks.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Sweater parties sure are popular…

  1. oh gurl you don’t even know ugly xmas sweater until you’ve seen what me, tess, and irene are gonna wear!

    its part of our super awesome tacky christmas sweater delight day at disneyland!! with bells, bows, poinsettias, and all the xmas cheer you dream of!

  2. the preview was already impressive enough! You guys are PROS. can’t wait to see the full on production! we might have to do a post to crown you kids the queens of ugly xmas sweaters!

  3. he was my dad he past away on octuber 14 2009 ill be saling hotdogs for any event u can email me at for any info and if you can send me this picture that would be nice of you guys thank you arely (lily)

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