Where’s my guardian Walt when I need one?

Last night was my friend’s birthday so we had a lil celebration watching Gran Torino at the Century City AMC.  When I returned to my car, the window was smashed and my ipod was gone. I take all ipod hiding precautions in my neighborhood but century city?!?! I parked by the escalator that goes right up to the apple store too HAHA.  Anyhoo, poor Lucas (my car).. first his jaw fell off now his left face is shattered. Go see Gran Torino if you are looking for something up there with Frost/Nixon and Milk.  I thought I’ve heard just about every derogatory term/ethnic slur they have for asians but if you’re like me, you’ll be in for a suprise. I cried… but I guess that’s no big deal since I always cry in movies.


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