MakiMaki Vintage

People ask me where I go shopping and are surprised I buy 75% of my clothes within the confines of my room.  Online stores are great because there is almost ALWAYS a coupon/discount code.  I never understood the fear of not being able to try something on before you buy it since I lived in asia for a while and that’s the norm.  It’s actually worse in asia since there are no returns.  Which is why I’m comfortable shopping on ebay.  I have a masterlist of ebay stores that I visit weekly… hold your horses, I will share them eventually… but here’s one I love but have never bought anything from since the 2 things I’ve wanted were bid up to $500. ?!?!? Is vintage in Toronto, Canada THAT good??? or does everything just look good on Noel from MakiMaki? Check out her current auctions and her style blog.


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