Macaron Heaven

I know i’m pretty late on this trend… but i think it’s worth writing about especially since my spending on this obsession has reached 3 figures in just a couple of days.  $2 colorful little suckers.  Started off shopping for macaron (not to be confused with macaroon, thanks ash!) rings like the ones featured in KERA… the rings I found were made of this soft plastic.. the kind that picks up dirt really easily.  Also, all the cute colors were gone, only chocolate ones were left – chocolate is great to eat, but as an accessory on my hand it looks more like a wart gone wild or a circular turd resting between my fingers.  Unsatisfied, i took my frustration out at Pierre Herme – had one of every color.   When I landed stateside, I had another mad craving so I raided Boule on La Cienega… let’s just say it’s places like these that motivate me to start yelping again.



4 thoughts on “Macaron Heaven

  1. just… so you know… macaroons are little poofy cookies, many times made with coconut.

    macarons are the one you’re posting about. n.n

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