Crafternoon teddies – I want!

Australian designer Jessica Sutton created the most fashionably attractive teddy bears whom I want to marry.  I am torn between who I should hit on first… Tommy or Ollie?  They are all handmade and are now for sale on  Very very limited supply – last I checked only Brian is left and he’s kinda a dork compared to the others.  Get on the waiting list now so you can cuddle up with one by the fireplace this christmas.  Here’s a link to her Etsy Store: Crafternoon in case they’re sold out on Fred Flare.


5 thoughts on “Crafternoon teddies – I want!

  1. hey! thanks to google analytics I found this blog, glad you like the bears. sadly they are sold out on fredflare but I am slaving away to make a whole new range and finding new places to sell them!! I also do custom orders, please contact me via etsy if you’re interested!

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