NECESSITIES: Menswear Solved

My favorite Japanese magazine is not SPUR or KERA but POPEYE…. the magazine which gives hope that the rare breed of sharply dressed men do exist (often somewhere over the rainbow keke).  Since we’ve been getting so many inquires regarding what boys can wear to ROCOCO RENDEZVOUS, we’ve dedicated this post to the subject. With the December 2008 issue of POPEYE as our guiding light, we’ve compiled the following zippercut favorites from their Winter Blazer Guide: Velvet, Tweed & Herringbone, Stripe and Check! This will be another clue to our top secret project: we’ve got menswear on our minds!




2 thoughts on “NECESSITIES: Menswear Solved

  1. Oh man, that striped suit jacket is awesome. Makes me wish I wasn’t so ridiculously short and girl shaped so I could wear it too.

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