Lasik and JCVD all in one day!

I am writing this post free of glasses or contacts! Dr. Lee is an awesome physician who is reasonably priced (I didn’t know until I researched Lasik doctors that Yelp rates doctors also). They numb your eye and prop it open then they cut your cornea and somehow everything goes black (that is a tad creepy how you’re unable to see with your eyes wide open). But enough about eye surgery, after my 4 hour nap we hurried over to see JCVD (Jeac Claude Van Damme!) at the Nuart in Santa Monica. Okay to be honest I was unstoked for this movie but I ended up watching as much as my eyes could handle because it was awesome! I laughed soo much! I know it’s silly but he speaks French throughout the entire movie and for some reason he becomes a more legitimate actor.


One thought on “Lasik and JCVD all in one day!

  1. jean-claude rules! no helicopter kick in this latest flick, but it’s easier to take him seriously when he speaks en francais.

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