JapanLA’s Gothic Lolita Halloween Party @ Royal/T

We’ve uploaded our set of pictures (courtesy of Camille’s boo and photographer Jim Gleason) from the JapanLA Gothic Lolita Halloween Party on our flickr (look to the right for link–>).  The spirit of halloween (and Clocky too!) were with all and everyone beamed in their fabulous outfits.  We had so much fun and am so glad we don’t have to wait long till we see you all again at the next lolita event.  I’m excited to see the Neil Sharum photos. He did a spooky one for the Royal/T staff it should be fantastic!!!


4 thoughts on “JapanLA’s Gothic Lolita Halloween Party @ Royal/T

  1. yay for pictures! now I get to see what people wore for the event since we missed all of it.

    It was very nice meeting both of you. I’m the orange haired tweedle btw. Hoping to make it to your Dec 4th event

  2. Everyone looks so awesome at this event. I love the amazing creativity that went into every costume!

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