Royal/T insider update

There’s never a dull moment at Royal/T: always a boundless supply of eyecandy, toys and interesting characters.  This is ESPECIALLY true around Halloween.  Today was the Halloween Kids’ Party.  They promised a special guest “Clocky the Mysterical Oracle”… which to be honest had me worried since it resembled a satanic shrine, pentagram and all.  Clocky’s creator Mason Brown is also the founder and director of a label called Cardboard Robot.   He was at Royal/T today cutting cardboard wearing an antler adorned fur trimmed hoodie (unisex! i have one too!) and will also be there tomorrow if you would like to meet him!

Also speckled around the cafe are the Halloween creations of one of our very own gifted maids: Mayumi!  Her decorations are cuteness overload and you can own one for just $10 – $20 for a limited time until supplies last!!! I bought, in my opinion, the best one: crying butt friends!  See our Flickr for more Royal/T insider photos.



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